Psychological Disorder Analysis

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Psychological Disorder Analysis Psy 270 Melissa Guynn 1-22-2012 The purpose of this assignment was to accurately diagnose Marla and to find causes and prospective treatments for her disorder. Marla is a 42 year old Hispanic female who comes to the mental health clinic complaining of having trouble sleeping, feeling “jumpy all the time,” and experiencing an inability to concentrate. (Joan Rachmel, syllabus description of final assignment) These symptoms are causing problems for her at work where she is an accountant. Upon first look at her case a few different disorders come to mind like ADHD, PTSD, and depression with mania. The clinical interview process consisted of not only observing Marla while she was in the…show more content…
I then wanted to learn more about her relationships by asking her if she was in a relationship currently and how it was going if she was. Marla stated that she was recently divorced and had just now started dating again which was going alright. With knowing she had been married before I asked her a little about the circumstances of the divorce and she stated that her husband thought she was cheating on her because she was always away from the house and he felt their lives were in two different places. She also informed me that she has a son who is 8 years old which was my next question. I asked her if the father was active in his life or if she was raising him more on her own. She told me that the father was very active in the sons life and gets him more than the visitation schedule says which is a great relief to her. I then started to break into her medical history by asking her when she saw a doctor last, if they performed a physical, what the results were if they did, if she was taking medication currently, and if she had even taken any medication for depression, anxiety, or any other form of mental illness in the past. Marla stated that she saw a doctor about 8 months prior and that they thought she was just under extreme stress from the new job and they put her on Zanax for her nerves thinking that would help her to calm down. Her physical showed
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