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Mental Illness

Psychological disorder, also known as a mental disorder, is a pattern of behavioral or psychological symptoms that impact multiple life areas and/or create distress for the person experiencing these symptoms (Cherry Kendra). Films could be used as a medium for teaching anyone about psychology, social work, medicine, nursing, counseling, and even literature. Or media studies about mental illness and psychopathology (Movies and Mental). As such, I had watched a psychological thriller film in my earliest day and the film gave an example about psychological disorder. The film was “The Number 23.”

The Number 23 film was released in 2007, February 23th and directed by Joel Schumacher. The film starred with Jim
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Therefore, the death of his father made Walter became obsessed with the number, drives him to murder Laura (Fabrizia), went to the King Edward hotel, wrote The Number 23, and jumped off the balcony (just like the story about the detective). However, he survived from the fall, but suffered severe injuries and trauma that caused him to had memory loss. He ended in mental institute, receives treatment from “Dr. Sirius Leary,” (Agatha found the ID card of him that led her to abandoned asylum), and after a few year. Walter was recovering from Dissociative disorder and leaves the institute where he met Agatha. When he left the institute, Dr. Leary found Walter manuscript, read it, and publishing it. But, somehow the book made Dr. Leary become obsession with the number 23.

All in all, Walter had accepted of being the killer that he not the man he was and tried to commit suicide. By being run over by a bus, but steps out of the way at the last minute when he realizes Robin was watching. Walter walked toward Robin, looked at his eye, cried, and gave his son a hug. Then, Walter turned himself over to the police and was awaiting a trail that the court would give him a lightly sentence. This made Flinch a free man and at the end of the film. The film showed the Bible reading from Numbers 32:23: "Be sure your sin will find you out."

Cherry Kendra
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