Psychological Disorders And Psychological Disorder

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In the world we live in there are many things that we can 't explain, such as the change in humans emotion, diseases, and more. Which many people want to make those unknowns into stories, novels, films and inform others to find a way to solve the unknown. Many films that would make people to think and use their minds would be related to psychological, because it makes people want to understand the plot and meaning of the film. Films that related to psychological disorder are a really interesting tool for many psychology students. Even is not really informative, but it still can provide students a new learning experience. Many people are not fully understand what psychological is about, which there some films include psychological disorder can help people to understand more about the psychological disorder.
Films such as “Memento”, is a great represent for films that related to psychological. “Memento” is mainly focus on one psychological disorder that is call Anterograde Amnesia. According Duff, Wszalek, Tranel, & Cohen(2008),the symptom for individual who suffer from Anterograde Amnesia have problems with remember new knowledge and new memories. People who often can’t remember the new things around them, and even they do remember it will only be few minutes after that they will forget. Which for people who know they has this disorder they often find a way to help them remember. For example, notes, pictures, voice messages, blog post, diary and stuff that can be store and
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