Psychological Disorders In America Essay

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I personally am not surprised that those of us living in the United States have higher rates of psychological disorders than the rest of the world. There are many different factors in which I believe attributes to this prominent issue, but one of the largest includes the fact that we live in such a consumerism based, and self-absorbed culture. This type of environment can put a lot of stress on individuals; causing people to have thoughts that the only we to be admired or viewed as successful in America is by obtaining the most put together life as well as own the latest model of car, have the most spacious house, own the latest clothes, etc. The pressure of this always weighing down has the tendency for stress to arise. Stress has the ability to cause psychological disorders to appear or become more prominent.
The reason I think psychological disorders are much more common in the United States when compared to other countries is because of the way our country operates. There is no other country in the world that quite compares to the lifestyle that Americans live every day. It was explained in class by Dr. McCrea that there was a study done in multiple different countries around the world discrediting one common belief and finding a new one instead.
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I now am more aware of what I can do as a United States citizen to reduce my mental health risk. The first is to allow myself a mourning period when something stressful in my life comes into play. This is so it does not build up in my mind and drag me down in the future as depression. I can also rewire the way I think about distasteful situations. This way, they can no longer bother me. For example, if I fail an exam I must understand that even with that worst-case scenario, my life is not over. I can learn from my mistakes and will not be kicked out of college just from my one bad
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