Psychological Dispositions: Pedophilia and Paraphilia Essay

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Pedophilia is one of several psychological dispositions referred to as paraphilias. Paraphilia is a condition where sexual arousal is dependent on fantasizing about engaging in sexual behavior considered atypical or extreme (Psychology Today, 2014). Pedophilia and other paraphilia are viewed as mental illness that is abnormal, distasteful, weird, kinky and totally unacceptable by most people (Psychology Today, 2014). One of the most hated, reviled, and public enraging individuals in society is a pedophile. Most equate pedophilia with a sexual molester of children or some sort of perverted freak. There is considerable misunderstanding about pedophilia. In a 1990 research study, the authors state “there is widespread belief among…show more content…
“To expand the definition of this disorder to include hebephilia, an attraction to children who are going through puberty. The hybrid category, pedohebephilia, would consist of the pedophilic type (attraction to children younger than 11), the hebephilic type (attracted to children ages 11 through 14), and the pedohebephilic type (attracted to both). The draft suggests the use of pornography depicting prepubescent or pubescent children for six months or longer should be considered a symptom of pedohebephilic” (Harvard Mental Health, 2010 a, p.3). There is much debate as to whether the hebephilic type should be entered into the DSM-V as a disorder. Some researchers support removing the term from the DSM altogether (Renshaw, 2003). Researchers from CWYA say in their report pro-pedophilia groups are pressuring the American Psychological Association to normalize pedophilia the same way pro-homosexual groups did in the 1970’s. They also report while these groups complain of being stigmatized they use language to manipulate and desensitize people into believing pedophilia is not harmful. Instead of the term pedophiles CWYA says pro-pedophilia groups use milder terms such as “minor-attracted persons”. Yet another tactic is to label the opposition referring to them as bigots Who in Their Right Mind Would Normalize Pedophilia? (n.d.) Research Why some adults are sexually attracted to children is unclear. The

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