Psychological Effect of Broken Family to the Behavior of Children

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Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology (BS-PSYC) MAJOR SUBJECTS Biological Psychology-lecture (BIOLPSY) 3 units Prerequisite : Zoology 1-lecture, Zoology 1-laboratory Prerequisite to : Sensation and Perception The course is designed to familiarize the students with the biological approach in the study of behavior. Biopsychology combines an interest in behavior and the machinery that makes behavior possible such as the brain, muscles, glands, and other organs. The course will introduce the students to the five divisions of Biopsychology, namely: Physiological Psychology, Psychophysiology, Neuropsychology, Comparative Psychology, and Psychopharmacology; and the different research methodologies used in each field of study.…show more content…
The students will be introduced to the peculiarities of the assessment process in special population as preschool children, brain-damaged populations, psychotic patients, mentally and/or physically disabled cases, violent and/or emotionally disturbed cases, and the mentally retarded. Students will be familiarized with different strategies in clinical assessment, namely: assessment interview; cognitive assessment; personality assessment; perceptual, sensory, and sensorimotor assessment; behavioral assessment which includes naturalistic observation, self-monitoring and controlled/systematic observation; and clinical judgment which includes quantitative and subjective approaches. Opportunities for supervised administration and interpretation procedures and tests to actual cases will be provided and will be conducted in Psychology Laboratory. At the end of the course, the student is expected to have acquired the skill of establishing report with a client and preparing a case report. Theories of Personality (THEOPER) 3 units Prerequisite : Introduction to Psychology This course aims to provide the students with a basic understanding of man’s behavior through a detailed overview of personality theories. The course will include a critical

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