Psychological Effects Of Hate Crimes

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Have you ever counted the decades that hate crimes have passed over? According to the American Psychological Association 5,850 hate crimes were reported in 2015 by the FBI. These hate crimes affect so many people in our nation every day. A hate crime is motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence. Hate crimes can cause those who are victims to have serious psychological effects because of the extreme violence they might have witness or been through. They also affect how the government itself functions because of how one may represent themselves on the views of hate crimes. Hate crimes are one of the most outstanding and concurrent infractions in America. Hate crimes affect their victims so much that it causes them to have psychological effects. When someone is a victim of a hate crime they usually must spend at least one night in the hospital. The average cost of one night in the hospital in the US is $1,878 in state/local hospitals. Victims often have a hard time understanding the crime they went through and how to deal with it. Those victims sometimes often have a hard time getting back on their feet after going through such horrible things. Most victims must go see a therapist and continue with therapy because it takes time to heal. Some victims don’t even report the accident because they are afraid of the problems it might cause. Each victim goes through a different type of hate crime. Victims often just go on living with the
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