Psychological Effects Of Human Trafficking Essay

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How would an individual feel if were taken away from everything they knew? What if they were forced to partake in hard labor or sexual acts? Unfortunately, numerous amounts of people in all age groups are going through these struggles. According to Merriam Webster, human trafficking is the “organized criminal activity in which human beings are treated as possessions to be controlled and exploited (as by being forced into prostitution or involuntary labor)”. Human trafficking occurs in every part of the world and is an illegal activity.
Human trafficking burdens its victims with heavy experiences. A combination of new occurrences and previous memories will alter the way in which a person views life. Human trafficking has a number of psychological effects on the human brain. Human trafficking can have multiple effects on its victims. Due to the masses of negative experiences that victims experience, issues are prone to pop up in the mind. Human trafficking can have a
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Mental disorders and other issues are present and common for a person who has been through such a crime. “The psychological and physical trauma associated with trafficking and performing sexual acts under duress can be devastating.” Kaylor, Leah. "Psychological Impact of Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery Worldwide: Empowerment and Intervention." Web. 10 May. 2016 Victims of human trafficking are subject to harsh treatment. They are forced to do many things they do not want to do. Understandably, individuals can become scarred of these experiences. As explained by the US Department of State, “ Because traffickers dehumanize and objectify their victims, victims’ innate sense of power, visibility, and dignity often become obscured. Traffickers also use coercive tactics and force to make their victims feel worthless and emotionally imprisoned. As a result, victims can lose their sense of identity and
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