Psychological Effects Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Essay

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According to Dr. Baranosky, post-traumatic stress disorder can be considered as “brain injury” related to mental problems, such as emotional disorders and fanciful psychological behaviors. The root of PTSD is usually the experience of extremely shocking events which cause severe concussion in human 's brain and consciousness. The patients could be the witnesses of dire deaths of their teammates during the wars or a natural disaster, for example an earthquake, a tsunami, a volcanic eruption, in which they feel that their life is in danger and they are desperate to do anything. In addition, physical injuries or diagnosis of serious illness can also bring about post-traumatic stress disorders. Those victims, who suffer from PTSD, usually experience uncomfortable memories, distressing feelings, nightmares, loss of concentration and guilty feelings, (2012, pp.11). 1.2. Current situation on American soldiers: According to Psychological Risks of Vietnam for US Veterans: A Revisit with New Data and Methods, approximately one fifth of American soldiers having served in the Vietnam War returned with post-traumatic stress disorder. This research also reported that “18.7% of the veterans had developed war-related PTSD during their lifetimes and 9.1% were currently suffering from PTSD 11 to 12 years after the war; current PTSD was typically associated with moderate impairment”, (Veterans of foreign wars, 2006, npg). Major depression caused by PTSD is highly likely to lead to
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