Psychological Effects Of School Shootings

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School shootings used to be very rare. They were seen on the news, and read about in the newspaper, but nobody in upstate South Carolina ever thought one would occur nearby. On Wednesday, September 28, 2016, a young teenager released fire on innocent people at Townville Elementary School. It was unexpected, tragic, and downright devastating to everyone across the nation. The shooter, who also murdered his father before travelling to the elementary school, was charged with murder and three counts of attempted murder (Karimi). Being the child of an administrator in Townville Elementary’s school district made the dark reality of school shootings clearer. Some people think school shootings are not likely to occur in their area. However, school…show more content…
Most commonly, after a school shooting, students, teachers, and their families all are traumatized by the event. Emotional, psychological, and physical effects are common of those who witness a school shooting (Penn State). Younger students who are traumatized by a shooting often suffer from nightmares afterwards and resist returning to school. In addition, it is common for students and staff members of the school where the tragedy occurred suffer Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, also referred to as PTSD (Friedman). According to Matthew J. Friedman of the National Center for PTSD referring to a cafeteria shooting in Kileen, Texas, “28% met criteria for current PTSD, which was the most prevalent disorder. Few had no symptoms of posttraumatic stress. Most of those suffering from PTSD related to the shooting had no prior history of psychiatric illness” (Friedman). PTSD and other psychological effects are prevalent effects on survivors of school shootings, increasing the need to find a solution for such problematic…show more content…
“The ALICE Training does not account for more than one shooter, or shooters that are not accounted for. If hundreds of students rush out an exit of the building before knowing an unaccounted for attacker is right outside, that is destined for disaster” (Howard). In addition, Mr. Howard brought up the idea of students not in class, whether they had to go to the restroom or if the attack occurred during a class change. He believes ALICE lacks what to do in these situations (Howard). Another aspect of ALICE Training determines a relocation point. After a school shooting when the scene is safe, students and faculty are told to reunify at a general location near the education facility. Mr. Howard denotes another flaw in this idea as well. He said, “If the shooter is a student attending the school, he/she would have knowledge where the school members will eventually reunify and could potentially be waiting there after escaping the scene of the crime” (Howard). Mr. Howard described many honest flaws when executing ALICE Training during a school

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