Psychological Effects of Hiv Discordant Results in a Couple

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MARAMBIRE EDSON TAWANDA International Institute For Capacity Development Trust Diploma In HIV Counseling, Care And Prevention SECOND BLOCK ASSIGNMENT SECTION B Discuss the possible psychological effects of HIV and AIDS on a couple that has HIV discordant results June 2011 0772 286 311 HIV discordant couples are those in which one of the couples has HIV negative and the other has HIV positive. Such couples definitely suffer from psychological effects which may range from mild to severe. Psychological effects are those thoughts, feelings and emotions that affect the mental well being of the affected and infected persons. The one living with HIV/AIDS is…show more content…
It is important to keep in mind the complexity of the woman’s social and economic situation. The infected woman confronts many difficulties and complications to be able to keep medical appointments, one of which is to find someone to care for her children. If this is not possible, she has to find a way to bring them with her on public transportation and care for them during her visit in clinics or hospitals. For a woman who has severe symptoms, this is a grueling task, and she may prefer to receive medical services within the home. One of the most difficult decisions for a woman and her family is final wishes and funeral planning. Because of such social and economic challenges, fear, grief, anger, anxiety and possibly depression and suicidal thoughts are common psychological effects which will at one time haunt the infected women since the husband may distant himself, withdrawing any form of support as he accuses her of bringing the infection into the family. In countries like Zimbabwe, the cultural, social and religions expectations create beliefs about rigid gender roles that result in the lack of empowerment among women. The differences in power in interpersonal relationships create a context of oppression that propitiates psychological trauma. Either the husband or the wife may find him/herself inundated with feelings of blame if he/she fears that he/she has infected others, especially his/her children.

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