Psychological Evaluation Of The Hearst 's A Working Class Family Essay

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Psychological Evaluation Northcentral University Olivia Hearst Date of Evaluation: 8/1/15- 8/2/15 CA: 246-811 DOA: 7/25/15 Date of Report: 8/4/15 Examiner: Sarah Mendez, Northcentral MFT Intern FAMILY DEMOGRAPHICS: The Hearst’s are a working class family who lives in the suburbs of upstate New York and are Catholics that attend mass every Sunday. Olivia (20) white female, attends Commonwealth university, parent are John Hearst (46) white male, Mary Hearst (44) white female, they have another child Samantha (19) white female. The Hearts are very well known in their living and working environment. John and Mary always made sure that their daughters stayed active in their school academics and after school activities. Mary’s parents are deceased and John’s parents, Ann (68) white female, and Bob (69) white male live in Florida and are retired. Mary’s mother who is deceased had some psychotic symptoms after given birth but never seeks medications nor help from a psychiatrist. ASSESSMENTS PROCEDURES: Family Assessment Device (FAD) – was created by McMaster. It is an assessment that can be used to solve problems within the family’s system. This test can be taken within 15 mins and is taken by using paper and pencil. There are six areas of scales that we focus on and the test is non-stressful when taken. The McMaster test is consisted

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