Psychological Insights Into Parenting Styles

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Would you have come out different if your parents used a different parenting style? If you are considered "cool" now could you have come out a nerd if your parents would have used a different parenting style? "Parenting style is one of the primary determinants of your child's outcome whether he succeeds, achieves, meets the challenges, flounders, gives up, or runs from or fails in handling life." (6) The purpose of this paper is to describe the outcomes, processes, labor, and techniques of parenting in a psychological point of view. Parenting styles are defined as the "manner in which parents express their beliefs on how to be a good or bad parent." (4) Each parenting style has its weaknesses and strengths. All parents incorporate love and…show more content…
They allow their children more of a chance to take responsibility and learn from their mistakes. One thing you should remember when you are raising a child is that your child should not be afraid of you. When your children do something that you do not believe is right, talk with them firmly, but at the same time try to understand what they are saying. Timmy once again is going to a party but his parents tell him he has to be home by 10pm. Timmy suggests that he should come home at 11 pm. His parents try to please him but come close to their original plan by letting him come home at 10:30. Lets say if Timmy comes home at 12am. Authoritarian parents will not only depend on discipline. They will explain to the child what he has done wrong, and then they will give the child a reasonable punishment. This is the hardest of the parenting styles because you have to spend more time on your child. Unlike just taking the easy way and letting do whatever they want like permissive parents or punishing them for everything they do without even explaining why you are punishing them. Children of democratic parents usually come out to be "friendly, self-reliant, and socially responsible." (1) Uninvolved parents have nothing to do with their children. This may be because the parents work too long, are involved with drugs, or are divorced. In this parenting style there is a great lack of emotional involvement and supervision of children. This is the most
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