Psychological Issues in America Essay

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America has a lot of issues as all of us know. But what people don't realize though is that most of our problems are directly related to psychology. If you really think about it, everything can somehow be blamed on psychology, but that doesn't mean that we have to make an excuse for our actions.
I?ll start right off with an issue that although could be closely related to myself, somehow isn?t. I?ve grown up in a pretty sheltered place, so I?ve never experienced racism in full effect. Many people may think that racism was abolished years ago, but they are quite wrong. It is still a huge issue not only in the United States, but all over the world. And I don?t just mean racism against black people, I mean how every group, even Caucasians can
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It takes the form of a moral problem, which is in turn, what your brain decides as correct and incorrect. The way we are brought up and the views from which our parents teach us, give us much of the same ideas we?ll have as adults. So if our parents believed something to be right or wrong, then, most likely, we?ll think the same for the rest of our lives and pass on our same ideas and morals to our children.
Another one of the huge problems right now is the war and people?s ideas and thoughts about it. ?Is it right or is it wrong to be in Iraq?? is the main question that has people fighting and debating. I won?t voice my opinions in this paper, but I will say that people are getting so worked up over this whole ordeal that it makes it hard to say anything for risk of getting put down or screamed at.
The war in Iraq is more of an issue based on the facts that there are so many conflicting ideas about it, more than anything else. Because no one can agree, it is causing tension and troubles between the two parties. Argument has always triggered tension between people, and when a big issue such as this comes along, then it?s hard to not notice it and somehow get involved. This, in turn, causes stress for yourself, even if you wanted to stay out of it in the first place.
The next issue I wish to bring up is the fact that children are being abused every day, and we, as Americans,
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