Psychological Issues on Professional Sports

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The article discusses the issues of psychology in professional sport. It highlights on what entails psychological issues in sports, causes of such psychological challenges, remedy and how to deal with such challenges. Real life examples and cases are highlighted to support the topic. Exercise and sports psychology discovers the relation between optimal performance and psychological factors. Psychology of sports is gradually becoming essential aspect of the general care of patient’s psychological rehabilitation and sports medicine.
Skills of mental training are an issue of interest in physical medicine practicing and professional rehabilitation in the treatment of patients. Professional in physical medicine should be able to identify what performance psychology or sport psychology signifies within the pattern of psychological mediations (Orlick, 147). Psychologists of sports assist amateur and professional athletes to overcome mental problems improve their performance and attain their desired dreams and goals. Most generally coaches concentrate on the physical sports side, whereas psychologists of sports concentrate of the mind of the athlete. Athletes would seek the assistance of sports psychologists or any other exercise and professional of sports psychology when they get a problem (Maher, 53). There are various reasons that can lead to the mental imbalance of the athlete which…
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