Psychological Life Quality Factors Essay

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Psychological Life Quality Factors
3 Factor | Description | Why is it important | Example | Psychological security | The absence of fear or distressing anxiety and insecurity. | Psychological security is very important otherwise a person could feel very insecure, and threatened which can lead to paranoia. It is important to ensure a person feels comfortable and free from danger in their environment. | In a care setting such as a prison, it is important to feel safe as you might be worried of being threatened or a victim of crime. Prisoners could often feel like this, as there are constantly criminals in their surroundings, Often groups of gangs, etc. | Social Contact | Interacting and spending time with people on a regular basis.
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Other people’s approval is very important, as praise can make you reassured and confident in what they are doing. | In a care setting such as a prison approval is very important, as being liked would affect your relationships with other prisoners, which links to safety and security within the prison. Praise from prison guards and workers can encourage the prisoner to improve their behaviour and actions a great deal. | Privacy | Having own space and time for yourself. | Having your own space and time gives people time to relax and make decisions for yourself. Having privacy is important because it relieves stress that could be possibly caused by other people | In a care setting such as a prison, you have very little privacy. A prisoner is unable to make most decisions for them self. In solitary confinement, a prisoner would have a certain amount of privacy, as they are in their own cell due to the safety of themselves or others. Although, they would be regularly watch by prison staff and cameras. | Dignity | Being treated and looked at with respect. | Being treated with dignity can make people feel much more confident and secure. Dignity makes people feel importance and equality. Patients having dignity is very important, because in cases where staff make patients feel like there is no dignity, can make them feel very belittled and vulnerable. | In a care setting such as a prison, prisoners would be expected to be treated with dignity and respect by both prison