Psychological Manipulation And Social Psychology

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Manipulation Influences There are many factors that affect and influence the behavior exhibited by people. These factors can be either positive or negative in nature. The behaviors exhibited can also be defined as positive or negative. Psychological manipulation, also known as emotional manipulation, is categorized as one of the negative behaviors exhibited by some individuals. Psychological manipulation is a form of covert aggression used to gain control and power over an unsuspecting individual. One does not become a manipulator by accident. Psychological manipulation occurs as a result of many outside influences. Social psychology helps define and give individuals a better understanding of emotional manipulation. The mental health of manipulators also plays a role in the understanding of who uses emotional manipulation tactics for personal gain. Social Psychology studies human behavior as it is influenced by others and the social setting where the behavior occurs (McLeod, 2007). This type of psychology looks at how feelings, thoughts, beliefs, intentions, and goals affect and influence a person’s interactions with others (McLeod, 2007). There are many types of social influence. Some types of social influence are healthy and positive and other types of social influence are negative and unhealthy. Healthy social influence occurs between friends, family, coworkers, and partners as a give and take relationship (Ni, 2015). In this type of social influence, no one person is
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