Psychological Manipulation In 1984 And Orwell's 1984

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In Orwell’s 1984, he displays psychological manipulation through Oceania’s government which it uses to control its citizens. This includes the use of propaganda, control of content, and ethnocentrism. The Party’s methods of control relates to real life events repeated in history such as the Nazi Regime from 1933 to 1945 headed by Adolf Hitler and common patterns in cultural history.
Propaganda has an effective psychological influence that works to promote a particular, political view-point. The government of Oceania uses propaganda to their advantage to gain support of the Party’s ideology. Similarly, Adolf Hitler used propaganda during the Nazi reign on Germany to support the Nazi ideology. The sole purpose of propaganda is to encourage a biased belief. For example in 1984 the way in which the Party has spread propaganda is through the use of posters: “A new poster had suddenly appeared all over London. It had no caption, and represented the monstrous figure of a Eurasian soldier.. a submachine gun pointed from his hip. From whatever angle you looked at the poster, the muzzle of the gun magnified by the foreshortening, seemed to be pointed straight at you” (Orwell, 149). These posters were displayed throughout Airstrip One to depict the Eurasian soldier as an antagonistic threat. The configuration of the poster “pointing” a gun at the viewer is to encourage a negative response, thus promoting the goal of the Party. In history, one can see how Hitler used propaganda to his
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