Psychological Orientation Of Emotion Focused Therapy

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As the treating clinician for Alice and Michael using the theoretical orientation of emotion focused couple therapy I would attempt to treat the couple as a system. I would address the couple as a unit and allow Alice as well as Michael to express their interpretations of the distress they feel in their relationship. Emotion focused therapy emphasizes the therapeutic alliance as an integral healing part of therapy (Tobin, 2016). As a therapist I would strive to address the underlying issues related to Alice’s alcoholism and the affects it has had on the system. However, I would not address Alice as if she were in individual therapy as that would not be beneficial to Michael. I believe that it would be beneficial for Alice to hear Michael’s feelings associated with her drinking. Alice and Michael would need to understand the background of their own attachment needs and what implications their childhood has had in their marriage. Though, parental attachment is different than adult attachment (Tobin, 2016), it is still an integral part of understanding who they are and what their needs are as an individual to help them thrive as a couple. Emotion focused couple therapy focuses on restructuring interventions, which include: tracking, reflecting, and replaying interactions the couple has had throughout the course of their union (Tobin, 2016). Reframing is an important aspect of the intervention process for emotion-focused therapy, as it is providing a different more positive
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