Psychological Principles And Theories Of The Workplace Essay

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One of the fastest growing fields of occupations today is Industrial an Organizational Psychology. This field continues to show the potential to grow even though it is hard for most people to find a job (“I-O a “Hot Job,” Shows Job Increases,” 2016). I/O Psychology is defined by Levy (2013) as “the application of psychological principles and theories to the workplace.” An I/O Psychologist will study the behaviors of employees and use it to help organizations to be efficient and successful. This leads them to be able handle problems and situations that may come up and to motivate employees which is why the demand for this field will keep increasing (“I-O a “Hot Job,” Shows Job Increases,” 2016). With seeing the importance of this career area there are important questions that need to be answered: Where did I/O Psychology come from? What type of education is needed to get into this career field? What do I/O Psychologist actually do? Industrial and Organizational Psychology can be traced all the way back to the start of psychology and is a branch off experimental psychology. It started out as applied psychology and was see in text before the field was named (Landy, 1997). In 1901, Walter Dill Scott gave a speech on “psychological aspects of advertising” in Chicago. This is said to be when I/O Psychology came to be. Then in 1903, Scott’s work in advertising was published in The Theory of Advertising. In 1911, Frederick Taylor introduced the Principles of Scientific Management.

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