Psychological Problems After 9/11

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Accidents and misfortunes happen all over the world, daily. Some are minor events which shape the attitudes and personalities of only the individuals involved. An example of this would be the teenager who got his first traffic violation for going over the speed limit; he just learned the value of following the law and that every action has a consequence. As you can see this event was minor and just affected him directly. On the other hand, some events are catastrophic and can change millions of lives worldwide; like the attacks to the RMS Lusitania by Germans or the attacks of 9/11. As you read, we are going to recall those events, explore the opinions and thoughts of witnesses and survivors, as well as compare their similarities and…show more content…
The political fallout was immediate. President Wilson protested strongly to the Germans. In September, the Germans announced that passenger ships would be sunk only with prior warning and appropriate safeguards for passengers. However, the seeds of American animosity towards Germany were sown. Within two years, America declared war.” (2000).
The Lusitania has not been the only incident in which many American lives have been taken and our way of life has been on jeopardy. Throughout history there have been numerous disasters both natural and man-made that have challenged us to come together for our future: Hurricane Katrina, London bombings, Oklahoma City bombing, among others. Perhaps, one of the worst displays of disregard for human lives was the attacks of September 11, 2001. Just as the Lusitania had some warning; so did the American government with the 9/11 attacks. “In December 1998, the Director of Central Intelligence Counterterrorist Center reported to the president that al-Qaeda was preparing for attacks in the USA, including the training of personnel to hijack aircraft.” (Schmidt, 2004). In both cases, the warnings were ignored and the price was paid in blood, American blood. The attacks of 9/11 were a well planned and funded coordinated series of suicide attacks against strategic points on our own soil. These attacks were directed by a radical Islamic group known as al-Qaeda and their leader
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