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Beyond Boredom:
Studies on the physical and psychological properties of yawning

The act of yawning has been observed in all vertebrates, and occurs in humans as early as minutes after birth, so it must have some definitive physiological purpose. Until recently, most scientists believed yawning was a respiratory function, triggered by a surplus of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream. In the past decade, however, studies have suggested that yawning acts as a mediator of activity and arousal levels. The evaluation that follows will examine three such studies and the evidence they contribute to this hypothesis.
The first study (1) examined the connection between yawning and activity on a physical level. Previous
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However, no significant change in heart rate was measured during the subjects’ initial yawns, and no effects became apparent with successive yawns. Interestingly enough, the control group provided very similar data. The results showed that during both the opening-mouth and deep breathing trials, control subjects experienced an initial increase in skin conductance with the first yawnlike action that remained high through the rest of the trial. Also in agreement with the experimental data, the control subjects’ heart rate was not significantly affected by either of these actions. The results show that both yawning and two of its major physical components (opening the mouth and taking a deep breath) cause an increase in skin conductance, which indicates an increase in arousal.
The authors of this study did not provide a detailed analysis of the results or of the experiment’s possible flaws. They imply that the results agree with earlier research on the subject, such as the rat experiment previously mentioned. However, previous research suggested that yawning increased because of arousal; this study implies that arousal increases because of yawning. Furthermore, it is reasonable to question whether the testing methods of this experiment may have had an effect on the results. The study was conducted in a lab, and subjects were adorned with sensors and
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