Psychological Research Pros And Cons Essay

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The use of animals in psychological research Oliver Mancera Yr12
The use of animals in psychology research has been a subject of debate since we started understanding animals better and knowing they feel too. I´m going to look at the pros and cons, the ethics involved, and the actual usefulness of the research. After this I will make a conclusion based on the research I’ve made.
Pros of the use of animals in psychology research are: it provides a more “ethical” alternative to testing on humans since most of today’s society considers the invasion and death of human life really unethical. The use of animals also enables the researches to study subjects for an entire life span; an example of this is mice which have life spans of 2-3 years this makes it easier for researchers to study the effects on their lives instead of observing a human during 80 years. Also researchers can use animals that are really similar to humans like mice which according to shares 85% of their DNA code with humans; other examples of this is the bonobos which says share 99% of DNA with humans this provides a more ethical alternative to conduct research that can sometimes be applied to humans.
Meanwhile there is some strong cons: The bad treatment animals suffer some through experiments is really horrible like being deprived or
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There is laws that protect them to a certain extent like only using them when its necessary and there is no other way around it, also that scientists are bound to minimize pain and stress is good. Also the research has to do more good than harm so they´re not just using them for useless research. This is not perfect though, there needs to be more protection for the unprotected species, but in a near future the in vitro dish will replace animals but until then they’re necessary for advancing in
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