Psychological Status Of The Chronically Ill Rural Women

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1) Is this a qualitative or quantitative study?
In my opinion, this study is quantitative. First of all, the research is based on cause and effect relationship. In this study, the researcher wants to see the effect of the computer intervention on the psychological status of the chronically ill rural women. “If the researcher desires to test a cause and effect relationship, quantitative methods are most suitable.” (LoBiondo-Wood, Haber, Cameron, & Singh, 2013, p. 31). Besides this, this study shows the cause and effect interaction among variables. “While doing quantitative research, most of the time researchers direct this by providing its purpose and they use specific and highly precise measurement techniques to gather the information
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If no hypotheses were stated, what would one be?
The whole report gives information related to the hypothesis. However, in this whole study there is no specific hypothesis. Hypothesis could be given in introductions or in the background of the study (LoBiondo-Wood et al., 2013. p. 59). As I wrote earlier, this is a quantitative study. In this case, hypothesis could be in the “results” or “findings” section (LoBiondo-Wood et al., 2013. p. 59). At the end of the discussion part in this study, the researcher has written “Although statistically significant differences between intervention and control groups were found only for social support, self-esteem, and empowerment, all psychosocial indicators improved in the intervention group and declined or remained stable among controls”, which is nearly like hypothesis but not appropriately worded. Hypothesis changes the relationship among the dependent and independent variable and provides an answer for the research question (LoBiondo-Wood et al., 2013. p. 75). Inter-relationship is found among research question, hypothesis, theoretical framework, and the literature review (LoBiondo-Wood et al., 2013. p. 60). For this study, hypothesis could be: “Intervention of the computer will significantly influence the psychological status of chronically ill rural women”. In this hypothesis, Intervention of a computer is a independent variable where as psychological status of chronically ill
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