Psychological Testing

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Psychological Testing Heather Kramer University Of Phoenix PSY/475 Psychological Tests and Measurements John Papazafiropoulos 3/9/2009

Psychological Testing Hogan (2003, pg. 15) offer four central assumptions that are made by individuals in regard to psychological testing they are as follows, “people differ in important traits, we can quantify these traits, the traits are reasonable stable, and measures of the traits relate to actual behavior.” The following will review and discus the major assumptions and fundamental questions associated
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Categories of Tests, Use, and Users Currently there are five major categories of psychological test offered which are metal ability tests, achievement tests, personality tests, vocational interest measures, as well as neuropsychological tests. “In the world of psychological testing, the term mental ability includes a wide variety of cognitive functions, such as memory, spatial visualization, and creative thinking” (Hogan, 2003, pg. 5). These types of tests measure an individual’s intelligence and can be given either individually or in groups. One type of intelligence test is the Scholastic Assessment Test which is used to anticipate an individual’s achievement in college. Achievement tests are used to, “….attempt to assess a person’s level of knowledge in skill in a particular domain” (Hogan, 2003, pg. 6). There are many types of achievement tests that can be taken whether it is for school in order to test ones abilities in math, reading and grammar, or a test geared to test an individual’s knowledge in his or her profession that will allow them to gain a licenser in the field the individual works in. State jobs also may require individuals to take achievement tests in order to acquire entry level jobs and promotional positions. Tests designed to acquire information on an individual’s
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