Psychological Tests Are An Objective And Standardized Measure Of A Behavior

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In research, psychological tests are an objective and standardized measure of a sample of a behavior (Fishman & Galguera, 2003). A successful test is one that is reliable and valid, for which test construction is the ultimate goal (Fishman & Galguera, 2003). Validity gives the indication when the test or instrument a researcher is using, measures what they intended to be measured (Trochim & Donnelly, 2008). Validity refers to when determining what is being measured compared to reliability, which estimates the consistency of measurement and refers to the results of the test and not the test itself (Fishman & Galguera, 2003). There are two types of validity, internal and external. Internal validity measures the effect of the independent variable on the depend variable compared to external variable, which examines the whether or not the results can be generalizes to a wider population (Fishman & Galguera, 2003; Trochim & Donnelly, 2008).
Assessing internal validity is used to measure behavior between the participants, although, the test does measure a difference in behavior among participants, and the test does not reflect the measurement difference, than the test has no internal validity (Fishman & Galguera, 2003; Trochim & Donnelly, 2008). Assessing external validity refers to determining if the results of the test can be generalized to populations or situations beyond what is being measured. Although tests are not valid in and of themselves, to ensure test score validity,
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