Psychological Theories And Development And Behaviour Of Shannon

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Section 2: Responding To the Brief In this project I will describe the needs of Shannon and explain why they are required to be addressed. I am also going to take a look at psychological theories and use them to explain aspects of development and behaviour of Shannon. I will incorporate sociological concepts and use them to explain the impact of social influences on Shannon. I will be describing features of positive care environments in care services while outlining how a care worker can demonstrate positive care practice. Question 2a: Needs A need is a requirement that is necessary for maintaining life and well-being. We all have the same basic needs although needs can change depending on the individuals circumstances. Shannon has a social need. A social need is things such as acceptance, appreciation, belonging and companionship. Social needs are met by forging relationships with other people. These needs are required to be addressed as according to Maslow’s theory if an individual’s social needs are not met and they do not forge emotional relationships, this can lead to anxiety, depression and loneliness. Shannon could reach out to her other family members to see if they will be willing or able to offer any additional support and encouragement. She could also engage in a hobby that interests her this will get her out and about and interacting with others

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