Psychological Theories Of Domestic Violence

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In introduction this paper is going discuss, based on psychological theories, what impact and effects witnessing domestic violence can have on children. The purpose of this paper is to further an understanding on explaining its consequences based on a few psychological theories. It will begin with defining what domestic violence in order to get a clear indication on what it actually involves and further presenting a sample papers studying the question, on its impact and effect, it is suggested to have on children, in order to produce a paper with both high validity and reliability. Then moving onto presenting various psychological theories which on could considered relevant to the topic in question. By further engaging in a discussion in attempt to highlight and acknowledge several aspects regarding its consequences.
Domestic violence could be defined as being a pattern of behaviours involving, psychological abuse, physical abuse, sexual assault and rape. Moreover, it is used as a form of, maintain control over another individual within an intimate relationship. Women are often the victims of domestic violence, however, it does also occur that men fall victim in
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In relation to this topic control theory could arguably explain potential effects and impacts on children witnessing domestic violence. This theory is based on the principle that family conflicts may result in an individuals need to maintain and obtain power in a relationship (Britt and Gottfredson, 2003). This could potentially result in the individual forming destructive relationships due to the underlying fact that victim tends to adapt to the abuse and challenge the abuser. This may result the victim begins to modify their behaviour in to the same nature as their abuser as a form of defence mechanism, in order to avoid potential abuse in the
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