Psychological Theory Of A Serial Killer

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Serial killers are looked upon as monsters rather than patients who need psychological help. That is because media has molded a perspective on how serial killers killed for joy rather than what is the problem.Most of us want to know what a serial killer is. I’m going to give examples that will inform my audience about an event that has happened in his or her life that triggered them to kill. I want the audience to that some serial killer don’t have control of his or her mind but that he or she has psychological problems. Also, that serial killers don’t have control of his or her actions. Serial killers tend to kill because their disorder takes control of their mind and body. Most humans don’t believe that serial killers can’t control his or…show more content…
I knew that if I used google scholar I would get the best information I need for my informational final paper.I also used the Bloomsburg data search site to help me find information that I couldn’t find on google scholar. When searching for sources, I found out that not every source has the same information. For example, when I was searching for the age of which children show characteristic that are displayed in the Macdonald Triad, each source had different age ranges. In killer Critique,by Alexander Campion it states that “bedwetting past the age of early childhood”(142) is a sign of Macdonald Triad. Then I started to search what serial killers I want to use in my paper. I had to look for serial killers who showed Macdonald Triad and who had some type of psychological problem, so I came across Ed Gein, David Berkowitz, Ted Bundy and cases that had serial killers who had mental disorders. I also wanted to know, how can serial killers gain power and/or pleasure by killing. I wanted to base my essay off serial killers who can’t control his or her mind. I think reading actual cases of serial killers with mental disorders has really taught me a lot about serial killers that I actually didn’t know for example that AD/HD can be a factor for serial killers to kill. I wanted to make sure that every information that I use from the articles fit the description of an psychological killer rather than a monster .Monsters are people who know what he or she are doing is wrong and don’t care to do it. I also had to make sure that the articles I use didn’t have an bias opinion about serial killers. The sources I used will give my audience a better understanding on why a serial killer tend to kill and that serial killers don’t have control on his or her mind and the real truth about serial killers. I know if I would have used a non-creditable sites that my essay wouldn’t be as accurate that I wanted it to be. Good
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