Psychologist Interview

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Interview with a Psychologist
As your psychologist, it will be a pleasure for me to advise you on the various changes that might affect your teenage child as well as how to build a strong relationship with your child to help you better cope during development. At the age of fourteen, the stage that your child will be at may vary depending on the gender. There is only a guideline to refer to that states when a child becomes a teenager one may experience over the next few years some changes in their body. Consequently, varying emotional response from the child as a result to these changes will be noticed. However, as a parent it is imperative that you advise them on such. Therefore your child may have a better understanding when they approach
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Testosterone is released from the adrenal glands located on top of the kidneys. The adrenal glands pump small amounts in the brain stimulating the reproductive circuit which starts the sex drive. The release of testosterone in the males make them more assertive and competitive. Sex hormones are triggered to make male and female attracted to each other. The cause of this release effects the release of sebum, sometimes too much release causing clogged pores that become infected hence, acne in an adolescent male. In females, the release of estrogen keep sebum down at this age, but later females will experience some form of…show more content…
Furthermore, adolescence at this age tend to pull away from their parents and cleave to their peers. This fills there need for feeling more important. A healthy relationship with parents including nonjudgmental words/acts allows the adolescent the freedom to explore their ideas and options, however, if this is not the case the adolescent will revert and will develop into a less confident individual. In conclusion, when your child becomes a teenager, you can expect over the next few years the release of estrogen and testosterone to trigger a growth spurt, which will include an increase in the size of heart and lungs. The brain of the adolescent will go through rapid growth as it did during your child’s first eighteen months of life causing the adolescent to feel he is untouchable. It is at this stage that the adolescent experiences a change in dopamine and serotonin causing role confusion. Furthermore, it is at this stage in your child’s life that he will need you to build a strong relationship to better cope during these many
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