Psychologists Have Conducted Extensive Research In An Attempt

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Psychologists have conducted extensive research in an attempt to determine the impulses that cause humans to react in certain situations. It has been hypothesized that “the adult brain expends at least as much energy on inhibition as on action, studies suggest” (Carey, 1). Our minds frantically search for unwanted errors that often come to mind in strenuous situations which increases the likelihood of these action occurring (Carey, 2). For example if you think about yelling in a company meeting that you are physically present at you will increase the chances of yelling at this meeting. Further research conducted by Harvard Psychologist Daniel Wegner has given much insight into this modern day dilemma. Dr. Wegner conducted research…show more content…
The publication of The Imp of the Perverse by Edgar Allan Poe discloses the strengths within the mind that can control an individual’s well being. The Imp of the Perverse defines our human intention to deliberately act in such a way that defies logical reasoning. Edgar Allan Poe examined this historical phenomenon by sharing a story regarding a mentally unstable individual who was controlled by his thoughts. These persistent thoughts ultimately led a man to act incoherently and commit murder. As we analyze The Imp of the Perverse we will focus on how the main characters’ mental condition caused him to act irrationally and commit a murder without a motive. Marshall3 The narrator examined the impulses which contributed to the development of irrational behavior that caused the demise of the main character. The extent of the main characters actions are formulated with the belief that they have developed as a “motive not motivirt” (Poe, 2). The main character develops an impulse to commit a murder but is unaware where this desire is stimulated from adding to his mental instability. “For weeks, for months, I pondered upon the means of the murder” (Poe, 4). A premeditated act is noted but fails to express the reasoning a man would wake up one day and decide to murder another innocent person. We are forced to determine that the main characters behavior is due to his mental instability. The thoughts that are within his mind have caused him to become
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