Psychologists Role in Law Enforcement

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Jacquelyn R
Psychologist's Role in Homicide Investigations Unit 7
April 20, 2012

As a police psychologist, you are part of an investigation into the homicide of a high profile community member, the mayor. The information you received from the department is that the victim was found with a single gunshot wound to the head. He was last seen with another notable figure (who?) at a nearby restaurant. You learn that before becoming the mayor, the deceased was the chief of your department and was very close to many administrators and officers.


Police psychologists assisting with high profile homicide investigations provide valuable knowledge and abilities that assist in interpreting the
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Information obtained from this profile could help investigator's narrow a large pool of suspect's down; which in this case would be a restaraunt full of people. When investigator's call witnesses in to be interviewed, I may be called in to create a psychological profile of the witness due to the fact that there is no suspect in this case as of yet. A psychological profile is a method that sketches the significant psychological and demographical features of a person, and allows me to determine whether or not they would be capable of committing a crime. "Psychological profiling is basically an offshoot of psychological testing." (Cantor & Alison, 2000). Although psychological profiling is a method that isn't utilized as often anymore, they can be of use when combined with other methods, like in this case; between the two types of profiles, investigators may be able to cross-reference to determine if there are any witnesses that should be looked into further. Another important aspect of my role is to devote a large portion of my investigation to developing the perpetrator's motive. I would begin with observing the crime scene if it is still secured; if not, the police report or the forensic lab's crime scene reconstruction report would have the information I'd need. In this case, the scene was at the dinner table on the side of a busy
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