Psychologists, Sociologists, And Other Scholars Have Studied

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Psychologists, sociologists, and other scholars have studied the process of developing and forming an individual identity in-depth. The use of psychosocial theories, defined as, “unified, systematic casual explanation of a diverse range of social phenomena”, assist in providing organized guidance in better understanding identity development (Patton, Renn, Guido, & Quaye, 2016, pg. 5). Psychosocial theory helps to serve as guiding points to understand development within individuals. They can provide insight into the journey of developing and establishing an identity. The purpose of this paper is examine my own journey by applying psychosocial identity theories to my collegiate experience. Erik Erikson was a psychologist who examined the…show more content…
289). This push to define myself showed the summer of my senior year of high school when I began applying for colleges. Despite both of my siblings attending the University of Illinois for undergraduate and law school, I chose to not apply there. Additionally, I chose to not apply to any colleges in the state of Illinois. For me, this marked my transition of becoming an adult and becoming my own person. The Seven Vectors of Identity Development, created by Arthur Chickering in 1969, shares, “an overview of the developmental issues faced by college students and identified environmental conditions that influence development” (Patton, et al., pg. 296). The theory is unique to each individual and there is not a prescribed time spent in each vector, nor is movement through each vector in a specific order. Additionally, the vectors are not isolated from each other and are not necessarily only completed once. For the purpose of this paper, I will focus on vector two, managing emotions. Managing emotions is described as when, “students develop the ability to recognize and accept emotions, as well as to appropriately express and control them” (Patton et al., pg. 296). When I look at who I was as a first-year student versus who I am now, the role that this vector played is one of the most prominent differences. In my identity development, mental illness has been a large factor of managing my emotions.
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