Psychology 200

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December 8, 2013
PSY 200

Prelude- When signing up for psychology 200, I expected it to be a very interesting course much like my class from high school. With such an interest in psychology, I hoped that this course would help determine if this was a potential major/minor to pursue. Aside from its academic aspect, I took psychology to gain some personal insight. With a mother diagnosed with bipolar disorder, along with other family members as well as myself suffering from depression, my interest in clinical psychology is extreme. The mind is a scary and complex place, and I wanted to understand how it functioned.
Quizzes: Coming into college, I had very poor study habits. That quickly changed after being
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I enjoyed the project.
Other Activities: I enjoyed the video played at the beginning of every class. They were always an interesting introduction to the material at hand. The skits and demonstrations performed were also very humorous and really grabbed the attention of the class. When learning about memory, the experiment of the burglar that stole the money was an awesome example. It put a firsthand emphasis on how inaccurate our memory can be and I will never forget that. I think using the experiments to demonstrate and confirm what we are learning is important in psychology.
Knowledge: Throughout the course, I have learned a lot about myself as well as the others around me. I learned that is it both nature and nurture that makes us the person we are today. This goes hand in hand with our behavior. Naturally, we contain unconditioned stimuli that automatically lead to outcomes, such as salivating at the sight of food. However, throughout life as we experience more things, we learn that our own actions produce outcomes; after studying for hours, I received a good grade on the last exam, leading me to do it again. I learned that these experiences help form my personality. Positive or negative, the way I interpret these experiences leads to my personality development. I also believe in Freud’s unconscious mind, and that some memories, urges, and conflicts, are hidden yet still affect my behavior
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