Psychology : A Human 's Mind

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The foundation to a human 's mind is based on the principals both taught into and gathered from experiences as a child. As children grow older, they soon start deciphering this information to decide for themselves which of their actions are right and wrong. What draws me to study psychology is this mental processing, and how it affects a person 's current and future character; particularly children. Childhood is a stage when a person 's individual identity begins to form; Children, more so than any other age group, are easily influenced by their surrounding environment; What they learn from these experiences, whether good or bad, they carry for the rest of their lives. Just likes ripples, each experience can be solitary or continue to amplify through social-emotional interactions, unless somebody or something is able to calm the disturbance. Having received my masters in applied psychology, my desire to obtain a Ph.D. in counseling psychology is motivated by a desire to build on my existing academic framework of psychological concepts to explore the link between behavior and trauma in order to better serve the communities that I work with: Adolescents. The understanding of the internal and external factors that determine coping mechanisms and responses to life stressors have been an integral and valuable aspect of my success as a counselor to date, as well as have provided a steep learning curve for me to master. During the Masters program at NYU and the time I have spent
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