Psychology : A Profession And A Science

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Psychology is both a profession and a science. As a profession, it is concerned with foreseeing how individuals will act, helping individuals to modify their behaviour and helping associations, groups and societies change. Then again as a science psychology is the investigation of how individuals see (Super & Super, 2009). A percentage of the psychological professions include clinical psychology, counseling psychology, health psychology, forensic psychology, social psychology etc. (Keether & Morgan, 2013).

I have decided to pursue with MSc. forensic psychology after my undergraduate degree. Forensic psychology is that piece of psychiatry, which manages patients and issues at the interface of the legitimate and psychiatric frameworks (Towl, Farrington, Crighton & Hughes, 2008). The vast majority of the psychology professions fall into the chartered areas. Chartered refers to an evaluation of membership of the British psychological society (BPS). The general public is approved to give that title by its royal charter. It is conceded to psychologists who have attained and maintained proficient capabilities and experience, which have been reviewed by the general public. Enlistment by the HPC (Health Professions Council) and chartered membership of the BPS obliges that the psychologist have proper capabilities and experience; the psychologist is in dynamic work on as indicated by the current expert gauges and has attempted suitable consistent expert improvement (National Center
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