Psychology And Conformity Analysis

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The English language is an interesting, yet complex thing. Most of the words can be used interchangeably. Two words –sociology and psychology– have a habit of being used together. In actuality, they are two totally different sciences. While psychology focuses on the process that happens within an individual, sociology focuses on everything that is around the individual. Social happenings that are engrained into a person’s psyche affects them over a long period of time; they are the fundamentals of building human identity. However, to understand society’s impact as a whole, they must look at its impact on themselves. Money makes the world go-round, or so they say. For me, money had an impact on me. My family and I wasn’t exactly poor but we did go through tough times. We always helped my cousins living in poverty and donated my clothes to them. We all can’t play the superhero all the time though. Whenever my parents needed money, my richer family members were more reluctant to help. They were always “busy” and never really spoke to us. It made me feel like that we weren’t “good enough” to be helped. Meanwhile, our impoverished members were willing to help us with their last two dollars. I…show more content…
Conformity is a well-known social behavior that involves mimicking the behaviors of those around you. Growing up, I was an extremely shy girl who didn’t really have any friends. When I was at middle school age, I didn’t quite understand “girl world”. I didn’t understand why I had to start wearing my hair down and to dress a certain way. I didn’t understand why everyone was so obsessed with this one guy. I didn’t understand all the kids’ slangs. I was extremely lost and judging by the other children, I was totally wrong. As soon as I started conforming to what was considered the social norm, I was accepted by more people and I gained more friends. It wasn’t like I completely lost who I was, I was just acting a little
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