Psychology And Job Satisfaction At Bloomberg

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Psychology and Job Satisfaction at Bloomberg As we learned in Organizational Behavior, people constantly search for job satisfaction and psychological happiness at work. People want to pursue a career the way that they want, and be happy every day at work. In chapter three, it describes five major job attitudes: satisfaction, involvement, psychological empowerment, organizational commitment, and employee engagement. It 's ideal to transition from just being satisfied to eventually becoming a fully engaged employee. Engaged employees demonstrate characteristics of loyalty, involvement, enthusiasm, and passion for their job. The book also describes major stages one ideally goes through as their career progresses. One should start as a satisfied employee where they perform all of their requirements but do not go above and beyond. As they progress, they will become more motivated employees where they start to strive for personal goals, then committed in which they are loyal to the organization and engage in collaboration. Lastly, the most ideal stage is to become an advocate in the organization which is someone who is proactive, challenges themselves, cares about the organization, and encourages innovation. As we learned, a proactive personality is an exemplary trait, as these employees will identify opportunities, take action, and persevere until change occurs. At Bloomberg, they strive to create an environment in which each individual can grow and pursue a career in which they
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