Psychology And Physical Development: Similarities Between A Boy And A Mother

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The project is written base on the interview of a fifteen years old boy and his forty eight years old mother. The teenager boy was born and grew up in America while his mother spent her adolescent in Vietnam. Therefore, the differences occurs on era, culture and gender, but there are still similarities in psychology and physical development. The most similarity between the boy and his mother in their teenager’s life is friends because they both spent more time with their peers than they do with parents, siblings or other social contact such as: playing with friend in free time, and talking to friend when they were bored; more than that they tended to find the assistance from friends when they had problem. Normally, good friendships help increase self-esteem, emotion support in teenagers and avoid depression, delinquency, or substance abuse. However, because of the different in gender, the definition about friends are different between the boy and his mother; he think good friends need to has…show more content…
Although they grew up in different era, culture and country, they still want to become a good student at school because they will get compliment from family, teachers, and admiration from friends. It is how teenagers could proud of themselves of. Sport is the popular topic and people like it even if they play or not, so the boy loves football and a big fan of Michigan State because his brother study here; however, his mother likes swimming when she was young as her house next to a small river. It is clearly that they seem to prefer to something that closed to or have connection to their lives. Lastly, the boy will be angry if he cannot play game online while the mother got mad when she had to do a lot of house work and did not have time to play with her friends. Typically, there is no different about gender or era; they are angry because their needs are
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