Psychology And Pursue A Career

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A few years ago, my future and my goals were clear: I would graduate in 2017 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and pursue a career in therapeutic counseling. However, my plans were altered after I was exposed to the research side of psychology. I was drawn in by the psychological insight shed on tragedies like the holocaust, why no witnesses helped Kitty Genovese after she had been stabbed, how a rape victim can misremember their assailant, and possible solutions to decrease prejudiced attitudes. What once seemed like “the mysterious way life works,” could suddenly be explored and better understood through scientific research. This intriguing field continues to answer tough questions and offer solutions on how to better individuals and society. I would like to be a part of this process, specifically through social psychology. My plan is to pursue a career in applied social psychology. My present interests in psychology are broad. Within the field of psychology, I am intrigued by many topics, such as: attitudes, beliefs, conformity, decision-making, stereotypes, and attention. I am hoping to specialize in social psychology to contribute more answers and solutions to problems that still exist in society: bias in hiring procedures, stereotypes in the media and their effects, and negative effects of conformity are a few examples. To accomplish my career goal of becoming a social psychologist, I intend to earn my Ph.D. in applied social psychology. After completing my
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