Psychology And The Human Soul

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1. Psychology exists in several different forms. Name and briefly describe them. Also, give an example of each. Psychology is known for studying the behavior and mind; trying to understand the human mind in its conscious and unconscious state. The thoughts in our conscious not only affect our behavior but it allows or prohibits certain actions; for example, a person who has an emotional attraction to someone is less likely to lie to them. However, they’re three noted forms in psychology such as; philosophical psychology, academic psychology and popular psychology. Philosophical psychology is the study of how psychology and the human soul are intertwined. Many believe that psychology has always contained components of philosophy, due…show more content…
Arguing that man is torn into three, what his body desires, what his mind desires and what his soul desires. Academic psychology is the purely scientific view of man’s behavior whereas, mental psychology explores the abilities of man; such as, his basic motor skills, problem solving and memories. In the mid-1800s, psychologists utilized bits of academic and mental psychology to further understand the behavior of man based off his personal motivations. Combining these two types of psychology create the concept of understanding whether man does or does not contain his own free will. 3. Discuss what impact phrenology had on the questions regarding cortical localization. Franz Joseph Gall, a well-known psychology researcher began to explore the idea of how the brain can manipulate the function of the human body. His hypotheses of the brain having each portion complete a separate task along with the person normally functioning. In the mid to late 1700s, the theory of cortical localization began to grow throughout the world of psychology. Therefore, it was understood that cortical localization is the function of different cerebral territories. In which, each serve a different purpose to the body; like vision and human language. This theory explains that each portion of the brain controls another portion of a person’s body. 4. Choose one area of disagreement between John
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