Psychology At Columbus High School

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It was an ordinary school day in A.P. Psychology at Columbus High School. There I was, sitting in my ordinary world, completing the same daily routine, school. I had psychology towards the end of the day, so I was mentally and physically exhausted. However, Coach McCoy was my favorite teacher, and she made Psychology very interesting for me. We recently discussed the chapter about disabilities and other impairments a person may face throughout a lifetime. After the lesson, my teacher mentioned a camp she volunteered at during the summer called Camp Abilities, the main goal of which is to aid children with visual impairments. The camp’s motto read as “A Loss of Sight, Never a Loss of Vision.” Columbus State University sponsored the camp each Memorial Day weekend. The camp is open to all children with some sort of visual impairment from the ages of nine to eighteen. Immediately I was intrigued, and had a sudden urge to learn more about the camp itself. I knew instantaneously that I wanted to be involved in such a tremendous organization. I felt as if Coach McCoy’s presentation about Camp Abilities was my call to the adventure of volunteering at the camp. After watching the camp’s promotional video, I yearned to learn more about the different recreational activities offered, such as beep baseball and obstacle courses. Seeing the counselors interact with the campers in the promotion video, I knew Camp Abilities was just for me. I signed up right away, and later I was informed
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