Psychology At Jefferson Center For Mental Health

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Throughout this semester I completed an internship in psychology at Jefferson Center for Mental Health. Specifically I spent my time in a short term Hospital Alternative Facility (HAF). HAF is a residential facility that aids in transitioning home from the hospital, another Jefferson Center for Mental Health facility or a crisis situation. All of our clients have current mental health diagnoses, the most common of which are depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, and schizophrenia. Clients stay for only a short time and the main objectives for their stay normally revolve around stabilizing meds and finalizing housing and living plans for the future. HAF provides services that are vital in that clients can have a stable residence so they can focus on managing symptoms and figuring out the best strategy to integrate themselves, with new goals back into their life. However, with all of HAF’s outstanding and vital qualities, there are also areas that I would suggest for improvement given what I have learned through my undergraduate education in psychology. My first critique stems from my exposure to both Psychopharmacology and Clinical Psychology classes. Every morning, a Nurse Prescriber comes to HAF and meets with as many clients as she can during her allotted two hours each weekday. There are two critiques that I have found concerning given this method of managing client medication. The first lies in an apparent patient–client disconnect present in

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