Psychology Based Movie Review : What 's Eating Gilbert Grape

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Miranda Gable Benjamin Thomas Psychology 281 14 June 2016 Psychology Based Movie Review of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is a motion picture drama that follows the life of the Grape family in the small, lackluster town of Endora (Hallstrom, 1993). Gilbert Grape, played by a young Johnny Depp, is the film’s predominant character and apparent man of the family after his father’s death. Throughout the movie, Gilbert narrates his thoughts as he attempts to navigate his familial responsibilities, his work, and his personal life. Gilbert struggles to take care of Bonnie, his morbidly obese mother, his new love interest, Becky, and his autistic brother, Arnie. Arnie is played by Leonardo DiCaprio, and for the purpose of this assignment, will be the focus of this analysis. Arnie exhibits behavioral abnormalities early on in the film. Particularly, he appears to exhibit symptoms of autism spectrum disorder. He displays persistent deficits in social communication, and social interaction. For example, the movie depicts Arnie as just turning 18, but his language skills seem to be fairly underdeveloped for an individual of this age. His speech is sometimes slow and his vocabulary not very large. On some occasions he talks with little expression, is unable to consistently keep eye contact, and has trouble following directions. For example, during a scene when Gilbert is bathing Arnie, he instructs Arnie to finish the bath himself and guides him to his towel

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