Psychology Case Study

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The experimental participants comprised of 1,583 high school student from multiple schools in the South. The demographics of the study included four hundred and eighty- eight African American, six hundred and sixty-one European Americans, and Mexican American children. The students were recruited from a questionnaire that their school district administered. In order for the participants to be included they had to have a relationship with both their mother and father. Once students met the criteria, students were given a letter and a consent from to participate in the study. Before being involved in the study, students were to first have their parent sign a consent form as well and a completed questionnaire with a ten-dollar incentive.…show more content…
As for the control group, items were presented in a neutral tone and a clear scale indicating whether the item is favorable or not. Conceptually, the independent variable was assessed with the items on the questionnaire. With the response that each participant gave, parental assessment and behavioral fulfilment was evaluated. The researchers measured the dependent variable by the response given on the items. Items pertaining to behavior was phrased based on what the student believe their parent seen their behavior as. High scores on in the study indicate the attachment style students share with their parents and also the parents view on the students in terms of behaviors from the perspective of the students. The authors expected to find that ethnicity had an impact of parental-relationships and child behaviors. The authors finding were not strongly consistent with their predictions in that some ethnic groups in the study were underrepresented in this study. Also African American family’s results were missing from the data in that participants simply did not answer some of the questions in the questionnaire. The participants average score in the study were What was the participants’ Avg. “score” on the operationalized dependent variable measure for each level of the IVs?
My critiques and thoughts on this study in context of my article are that the researcher was not
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