Psychology Chapter 7 and 8 Vocab

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Chapter 7 * Encoding-entering/getting information into your memory; forming a memory code * Storage- saving information into your memory over time * Retrieval- being able to recall information from memory * Tip- of-the-tongue phenomenon- when you know certain information but have difficulty being able to recall it. * Attention- focusing your awareness to certain thing * Structural encoding- emphasizes the physical structures of a stimulus * Phonemic encoding- emphasizes on how a word sounds * Sematic encoding- emphasizes the meaning of verbal input * Levels of processing theory- proposes that deeper levels of processing results in us remembering information for a longer period of time *…show more content…
* Consolidation- hypothetical process involving gradual conversion of information into memory codes stored in long term memory. * Declarative memory system- fact based information * Nondeclarative memory system- memory of action, skills, conditioned responses, and emotional memories * Episodic memory- chronological or temporally dated recollection of personal experiences * Semantic memory- general knowledge that is not tied to the time when information was learnt * Retrospective memory- remembering information from the previously learnt information * Prospective memory- remembering to perform actions in the future Chapter 8 * Problem solving- active effort to discover and answer to a problem or question. * Problems of inducing structures- person must discover the relations among the parts of a problem * Problems of arrangement- arrange parts in a way that they relate to each other * Problems of transformation- must carry out a sequence of orders to get to a goal * Functional fixedness- the tendency to perceive an item in terms of its common use * Mental set- when people insist on using old ways to solve new problems * Trial and error- trying possible solutions, until one fits * Heuristic- guidelines as to how to solve a problem * Incubation- when you discover a solution
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