Psychology: Drug Addiction and Mrs. Kaufman Essay

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Thalia Garcia Psychology 10/1/13 Ever wondered why we act the way we do and how we become who we are? Well it all dates back to when we were just infants. As we grow older we constantly learn from what we see and feel. As babies, we connect with our caregivers in a way we sense what they sense that can shape us as we develop. Let’s use the Kaufman family for example (question two). Mrs. Kaufman spends a lot of time stroking, cuddling, and rocking her infant son, Kyle, and seems to be highly aware of the baby’s actions and needs. Mr. Kaufman worries that his wife’s interactions with the baby can affect him in the long run. Mr. Kaufman’s first concern is that Kyle will cry easily when…show more content…
Even if he still is not comfortable, he will soon calm down and come to trust his mother. Stranger anxiety is something that can come and will eventually pass. Lastly, Mr. Kaufman thinks his baby can become withdrawn and uninterested in his surroundings. Baby Kyle can become withdrawn if it becomes an insecure attachment. With insecure attachment he can either grow to become cautious and wary of being rejected or he will be scared to get close to others and remain distant. Since Mrs. Kaufman is very attentive to Kyle, he should be able to feel secure and have less anxiety. Therefore, Mr. Kaufman should be proud of his partnership with his wife and continue loving his son. On another topic, let’s move on to question four. It states that a classmate believes that alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine all have similar effects on behavior and there all three drugs ought to be legalized. Well, what this classmate must not know is that there are different categories of drugs. Let’s look into these three topics and see what its’ strengths and weaknesses are. Let’s start with alcohol. Alcohol fits in the category of a depressant. Depressants are drugs, such as alcohol, that reduces neural activity and slow body functions. Many people confuse alcohol as a stimulant because it can cause people to act more hyper but low amounts of alcohol relaxes the drinker by slowing the nervous system activity. Larger amounts of
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