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Nathen Alkhabaz 10/26/2014 Professor Dietz Psychology 11 Term Paper #1 The Art of Living Consciously What does it mean to live consciously? To live consciously means to take every aspect of your life and try to look deeper into what is going on. In his book, Branden tries to take different aspects of life and try to explain to the reader how it is that we can live consciously. In the beginning, Branden starts off with the simple things to address and then moves his way up throughout the book to explain the more complicated things we deal with in our daily lives. What does it really mean to live…show more content…
How has Branden helped us to achieve a life of consciousness? Well for starters, he helps us in his book with what he says in the different chapters in the book. One of the ways he helps us is by telling us to sit down once in a while and just examine our lives. What is it that we are doing wrong and what are we doing wrong? If we can do this with all the other stuff that Branden explains in his book such as doing daily exercises with sentence stems and see what you come up with can help your life in the simplest way. Everyone has those moments in their life when they do not know what is going on with them or even why this thing is happening to them. Such moments can be a birth of a child, a death of a friend or even the person waking up one day and coming to the realization that his or her life still has plenty of decisions to make. These such moments can come at any point in a person’s life whether everything is going along fine or the person is having a tough time. The point of this is that Branden is telling us to open up our eyes a little bit more and we can start living a conscious and easy going life. Living in the western world as we know cannot be easy for anyone but how can Branden explain that it actually could be easy to live in such a culture? All you

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