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Title: An investigation into the impact of group pressure on an individual’s estimate of the amount of beads in a pot (ginger granules in a jar).
IV = Group/Individual
DV = Individual beads estimate


This experiment investigated the impact of group pressure on the individual. The hypothesis is that group pressure does indeed impact on the individual and in this case the individual’s estimate of the number of ginger granules in a jar. Participants were asked to make a judgement of the number of ginger granules in a jar, first individually and then as a group. The individual participants were then interviewed again to see if their estimates had changed. The results proved the hypothesis that group pressure does make an impact
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It will be performed using a method similar to the one used by Jenness in his experiment. This will in effect test the reproducibility and validity of the Jenness experiment. There are no contentious or controversial issues surrounding this experiment and its method, and it is certainly within the law i.e. there are no deceptions or misleading intentions toward the participant; it is fair.

The influence of group pressure will affect individuals’ estimates of the number of ginger granules in a glass jar. The estimate of the individual will change after a group decision to lie closer to the figure of the group.

The IV was the group or individual, and the DV was the number of ginger granules in the glass jar. Two separate rooms were used; one for interview of the individual – one at a time. When not being interviewed the individual was instructed to go the second room where the rest of the group resided - for the period of the experiment. Both rooms contained only the subjects of the experiment, and of course the experimenter, and no one else was permitted into the aforementioned areas. Television, radio and other forms of communicative devices were forbidden from these areas.
The participants were three members of a family. The first was male and 67 years of age. The second was female and 52 years old. The third member of the family was male, and 25 years old.

Materials: * Jar of ginger granules * Watch * Sheets of paper
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