Psychology - Experiment on Stress

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I. Introduction In this experiment we are going to describe stress and prove how can a prolonged exposition to it have a negative impact on memory. The definition of stress used in this experiment is: difficulty one suffers that causes worry, emotional tension or loss of concentration. The reason why this topic has been chosen is because stress is a part of nowadays, hectic society and it has a very noticeable effect on people’s performance, in either work or daily life. The outcome of this experiment could be used in several fields, such as education; to help reduce the amount of stress students deal with, so their grades could be improved. The results could also be used to enhance and boost employer’s…show more content…
Another room would be needed in order to perform the relax therapy sessions that would be useful for the experiment, so all types of equipment related to yoga is needed, such as mats, light weights, etc. The other type of material that is used is questionnaires on stress participants may have before performing any activity, a list of words for participants to memorize, and a set of speakers, which will be the actual source of stress. V. Procedures * Gather participants in a room and have them do a stress questionnaire to see what is their current level of stress. * With the results of such questionnaires split participants up into two groups, one including the more stressed people, and the other group the remaining people, participants should remain deceived until the end of the experiment. * Have participants from both groups take yoga classes (or any similar activity with the same purpose) so their level of stress is reduced and partially equal to one another. These sessions should not last for longer than 30 minutes. * This being done, have a brief group interview with them to see whether the relaxing activity was helpful and useful, if so, carry on to next step; if not, record the participants name in order to use this variables as a benefit when evaluating the results. * Make participants memorize a list of 10 words without any external stimuli such as noise or visual distraction, being given no
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